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Able evidences credibility as world leader in offshore recycling

Able UK Ltd has obtained the ISO 30000 accreditation to further evidence their credibility as one of the world leaders in the recycling of ship and marine technology.

The ISO 30000 International Standard specifies requirements for a management system to enable a ship recycling facility to develop and implement procedures, policies and objectives in order to be able to undertake safe and environmentally sound ship recycling operations in accordance with national and international standards.

It serves to further reinforce Able’s position as one of the most adept organisations in the world when it comes to the decommissioning and recycling of end of life vessels and marine structures.

Andrew Jacques, Managing Director Able UK Ltd says “This International Standard applies to the entire process: accepting a ship for recycling by the facility; assessing the hazards onboard the ship; identifying and complying with any applicable notification and import requirements for ships to be recycled; carrying out the recycling process in a safe and environmentally sound manner; conducting required training; ensuring the availability of social amenities.”

Able Seaton Port has one of the largest dry dock facilities in the world allowing Able to undertake some of the most complex ship recycling projects.

The porthas the extremely rare and prized distinction of being a facility outside of the United States, which has been certified by the US Navy for the decommissioning of its redundant assets. Four of the vessels from the MARAD Fleet were decommissioned at ASP in 2008/9.

In addition to this, the French Government selected ASP’s dry dock as the decommissioning facility for their flagship aircraft carrier ‘Clemenceau’ in 2009/10.

Malcolm Noble, QHSSE Manager, Able UK Ltd said, “The recycling of ships and marine structures is a highly administrative process requiring strict governance. We must undertake the work safely, continue to provide an overall recycling rate in excess of 98% and provide full traceability of all waste streams. This accreditation further evidences our ability to do this.”

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