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Able orders UK’s largest harbour crane

Able UK has today announced that it has placed an order for what will be the largest harbour crane in the UK.

The multi-million Liebherr LHM600SHL mobile crane will be specially upgraded for Able UK to enable its use for a wide range of activities associated with the handling of components for the offshore wind sector, upgrading, and maintaining offshore oil and gas drilling rigs, and other general port-related activities. It is expected that around 40 new jobs will be created as a result of this investment.

The acquisition of the crane is the first part of an extensive programme of plant and equipment purchases to serve the expansion of port facilities on both the Tees and Humber.

The news of the order for the crane follows on from a series of positive announcements for the Company including the granting of planning approval for the 900 acre Humber Ports Port development which is part of the 2,135 acre Humber Ports on the South Bank of the Humber.

Andrew Jacques, Able UK’s Managing Director says “The acquisition of this remarkable equipment underlines our determination to ensure that we continue to provide the best possible service to meet the needs of our customers…it has the capability to lift 208 tonnes, has a 58m radius, the hook height will be increased from its normal limit of 45 metres to 64 metres, also its fulcrum height has been increased in order to meet our specialist requirements to reach over tall structures such as floating semi-sub drilling rigs.”

The crane will attract more business to Seaton Port providing more opportunities for local businesses and further compliment the construction of new quays at ASP – one of which will be primarily used for the load-in of single-piece offshore structures of up to 48,000 tonnes.

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