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One of the final acts in the recycling of what was originally a 17,000-tonne offshore structure at Able Seaton Port will see the remaining part of the structure brought to the ground with Able UK deploying a controlled ‘drop’ using explosive devices. Subject to wind conditions this is likely to take place on the afternoon of Monday 28 February.  The explosion, again subject to the prevailing wind, is expected to be heard across the surrounding area and Abe UK is providing advance warnings to neighbouring businesses.

In the event of any weather-related delays Able UK will review suitable future alternative opportunities on a daily basis.  

Able UK’s record of undertaking complex offshore decommissioning projects stretches back over 30 years with the company handling work for most major operators in the oil and gas sectors and achieving recycling rates well in excess of 99%. 

In the meantime, Able Seaton Port is also playing a central role in offshore wind installation with Vestas, a world leading turbine supplier, continuing the installation of the 110 units that comprise the Seagreen offshore wind farm off the east coast of Scotland.

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