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Humber UTC backs new campaign to boost maths and science skills

Humber UTC is backing the government’s Your Life campaign to show the career opportunities unlocked by studying science and maths.

The Your Life campaign aims to raise participation in science, maths and physics ‘A’ levels by 50 per cent in three years, to ensure the UK is equipped with the skills it needs for today’s fast changing employment landscape. Technical, analytical and logic skills are increasingly required in all industries from manufacturing to medicine, land reclamation and engineering. The UK currently faces an annual shortfall of 40,000 workers with the necessary scientific and mathematical skills.

The campaign will raise awareness of the career opportunities presented by studying science and maths subjects, promote positive role models in industry, create mentoring programmes for young people and work placement opportunities with leading businesses.

Sonia Allen, Project Manager of the Humber UTC, said:

“We are supporting the Your Life campaign to ensure that as many young people as possible get the skills they need in science and maths. Humber UTC is helping young people to pursue top-level technical careers that require science and maths skills. Employers are closely involved and give our students the chance to participate in real-life projects, get experience of work and get an insight into the roles they might pursue in the future.”

The campaign has also received the backing of more than 200 business organisations, many of whom have pledged to offer their support to young people interested in pursuing a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Cllr Liz Redfern, leader, North Lincolnshire Council, said:

“Industry is changing and with that we need skilled people who can do the jobs that become available. By providing opportunities for people to learn valuable skills such as maths and science, we are helping them get a foot on the ladder to what could be a fantastic career. We need to keep up pace with growing industries who are crying out for skilled people. Everyone has to start somewhere and where better to start than the Humber UTC – where students can learn the essentials and gain valuable work experience where they will get chance to hone their skills and work for some top companies such as BAE Systems.”

For more information about Your Life, visit www.yourlife.org.uk or www.humberutc.co.uk.

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