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Tuxedo Rayale Statement

The saga of the Tuxedo Royale has been ongoing for over five years and we find ourselves in the position of having the vessel moored at our berth with outstanding payments of nearly £200,000 owed to us and the vessel’s owners in administration.

When the Tuxedo Royale ceased operating as a nightclub in 2006 we were asked to provide temporary storage at our facility at Able Seaton Port whilst its owners considered its future use. In order to enable ship recycling operations to commence at Able Seaton Port, it was later scheduled to be moved to another berth at Haverton Hill.

After that berth proved unsuitable it had to be moved to Able Middlesbrough Port in early 2009 for what was supposed to be a maximum of two weeks. However shortly after the return to Middlesbrough dock the vessel’s owners Absolute Leisure went into administration.

We are as anxious as anyone to find a solution to the fate of the vessel. It is taking up a quay space for which we could find a much better use and the unpaid bills for its storage continue to rise.

The vessel has been vandalised and this has led to its current state. We are now in discussions with both the port authority and the appropriate regulators in an effort to both deal with the immediate concerns over the vessel and to find a solution to an issue which, of course, is none of our making.

Group Development Director – Neil Etherington

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