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    ABLE Solutions

    ABLE’s pioneering approach has been providing innovative niche solutions to overcome challenges in the fields of power station decommissioning, large scale land development, land remediation and offshore recycling.

    Our ability to innovate, and add vision, has enabled us to undertake challenging marine and terrestrial projects over the past decade, supported by ABLE’s diversification into the new specialist markets of oil and gas rig repair, offshore wind and marine renewables.

    ABLE Solutions offers a wide range of services:

    ABLE has a strong track record in the delivery of large and complex planning permissions. On the South Humber Bank the recently approved Able Energy Park was the largest application ever handled by the local planning authority, North Lincolnshire Council.

    In Hartlepool the establishment of ABLE Seaton Port – as a specialist marine structure recycling facility – saw an initially controversial proposal become an accepted (and successful) part of the local industrial economy and landscape.

    ABLE has also developed Landfill sites and (with partners) successful applications in a range of energy related projects.

    ABLE is one of very few companies to have already promoted a nationally significant infrastructure project (NSIP) through the new National Planning Inspectorate (formerly the Infrastructure Planning Commission [IPC]). Humber Ports Port

    ABLE Solutions can provide essential knowledge and foresight to future promoters of NSIP schemes. Specific processes applied to document control, application production, consultation notification (Planning Act 2008 s42, s47, s48, s56 & s59) must be adhered to, providing challenges for promoters of applications.

    Our well established team has a broad range of specialist planning expertise including:

    • Acoustics
    • Air quality
    • Bathymetry
    • Contaminated Land
    • Document Control
    • Drainage
    • Dredging & Dredging Licences
    • Ecology
    • Environmental Monitoring (surface & ground waters, gas)
    • Geology
    • Geo-environmental
    • Geotechnical (basic)
    • Habitat creation
    • Historic environment
    • Hydrogeology
    • Landfill (basic)
    • Marine ecology
    • Navigation
    • Project Management
    • Remediation
    • Site/Ground Investigation (Phase I & II); design and project management
    • Traffic movements

    Strong relationships exist with a variety of dedicated public agencies (including Central and Local Government, Local Authorities and Statutory Regulators) making us an ideal partner for undertaking pre-consultation exercises as well as post submission work. These combine effectively with our broad network and knowledge of consultancy firms operating within the planning sphere.

    ABLE’s in house team of Civil Engineers can provide design and construction support to projects. The experienced team can provide bespoke support packages to suit our client’s objectives.

    Able Solutions has its own dedicated Computer Aided Design department to support projects from initial consideration stages through to planning and final execution. As an example, ABLE’s multi-user site philosophy the department is skilled at working with external vessel providers to provide the best outcome for our clients.

    ABLE’s various berths on the River Tees have facilitated major marine projects for many years ensuring that the Company is extremely versatile in the commodities it can handle alongside large areas for undercover and outside storage.

    ABLE Ports has enabled us to become adept in managing large turnkey projects.

    ABLE has provided solutions for a host of marine based projects including:

    • Berthing solutions for a variety of marine vessels
    • Bespoke component handling
    • Commodities transfer and storage
    • Conventional sargo
    • Deployment of SPMTs for many large structures
    • Removal of A-frame (210T) from Maersk anchor handling vessel
    • Removal of complete decks from oil and gas rigs

    ABLE has been lifting and shifting large components around its ports for years. In 2009 ABLE took delivery of the BP North West Hutton oil platform jacket and topsides – the largest oil platform to be removed from the North Sea to date. See case study

    Ports do not have to be complicated – whether it is the project management of lifting operations, complete lifting solutions packages or management of the haulage of goods and products to their final destination – we make it simple.

    Able Solutions has undertaken a number of bespoke surveys for our customers. Recently, this has involved a variety of assignments for the offshore wind sector:

    • A Truly Integrated Offshore Wind Cluster – the associated cost reductions and overall sector benefits
    • Analysis of offshore wind components – likely dimensions and logistics solutions for the offshore wind sector
    • Gravity Based Foundations (GBF’s) – port requirements for the serial manufacture of GB’s
    • Next generation Offshore Wind Installation Vessels – sea bed engineering requirements to allow full utilisation of geared vessels
    • Offshore Wind – how to reduce risk and mitigate costs
    • Offshore Wind – Study into the utilisation of different vessel concepts for the transfer of offshore wind components
    • Offshore Wind Installation Vessels: an analysis of travel times and costs from all major UK Ports to all major planned UK Offshore Wind farms
    • Offshore Wind Turbine Manufacturing – Construction, design and civil engineering requirements of large-scale production facilities
    • Offshore Wind Ports Study – the associated cost benefits of standardised lift and transfer practises and shared multi-user capital equipment at ports
    • SPMT deployment methods available to the Offshore Wind sector
    • UK Ports Operating Models – how conventional ports charging mechanisms threaten the industrialisation of the Offshore Wind sector in the UK
    • Utilisation of gantry cranes to optimise lay down and load out of offshore wind components at port sites