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    Using industry information we have designed the quays as follows:-

    • Total Quay Length: 1,340m.
    • Quay width:28m.
    • Quay surface: Concrete.
    • Concrete Quay capacity: 20Te/m2 UDL with patch loads up to 50Te/m2.
    • Quays will provide – 11m CD.
    • Quays designed to be capable of operating – 17m CD.
    • Berths pocket 60m wide.
    • Berths: Engineered floor (100Te/m2).
    • Quays designed to allow vessels to jack-up alongside.
    • Bollards 150Te, 30m apart.
    • Vessels can berth side by side
    • The area has no history of operations being interrupted by ice or sand.
    • Staging area: 45ha.

    To date £50m has been invested in preparing AHP for the speedy construction of industrial facilities for its tenants.

    The Offshore Wind industry has advanced rapidly and we understand that precisely identifying what it will be like in 2030 is difficult.

    AHP however has the scale of land, the size and design of quays, that allow for significant expansion in terms of both plant and overall capacity.

    The site is flat with a UDL of 10t/m2 and a patch load of 50t/m2 with no risk of environmental contamination.

    In the heart of an industrial area and with no residential neighbours, AHP is suitable for operations to work 24hours per day; 7 days per week, as required.

    AHP provides tenants with first right of refusal on adjacent land enabling planned and phased development.

    We understand that tenants will require individual, bespoke capital equipment. However, to reduce up front capital expenditure AHP will provide multi-user services that are available to hire such as large cranes, reach/lift trucks, dock cranes and SPMTs.

    AHP is adjacent to the Able Logistics Park (AEP) – a 270ha greenfield site with full planning permission granted for the creation of extensive warehousing (1,700,000m2 ), external storage and transportation depots. The development of AEP will complement AHP’s tenants activities, potentially enabling a just in time approach minimising inventories, sustaining and maximising efficiencies and workflow concepts.

    Enterprise Zone status includes Special Planning Zone (SPZ) benefits to expedite the detailed planning process for potential clients.

    AHP will include a business park with new offices that can accommodate a range of supporting organisations undertaking tasks such as environmental and geotechnical assessments, legal financial and insurance services, planning, engineering and design.

    Lighting – 45m high lighting columns across the site with 30m lighting columns within the business park and supplier park areas.

    Security – 24 hour security with gate houses on all designated entrances. The port will have full industry security accreditations – DfT Maritime (formerly TRANSEC).

    Compounds and facilities will be boundary fenced with effective use of landscaping to further mitigate security issues and provide clear onsite demarcation.

    The development land has been designed to the appropriate flood defence levels agreed and established by the UK Environment Agency. This is on the basis of a flood risk assessment and will accommodate the 1 in 200 year tidal event, which has an annual occurrence probability of 0.5%.