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Able UK Ltd is a leading player across a range of activities including port operations, offshore wind installation, decommissioning redundant oil and gas structures, demolition and facility/property development. This vacancy has arisen mainly due to the continued expansion of the business and a growing order book. The advertised position will be within the Engineering and Design Team.

Able UK Ltd are looking for an enthusiastic, professional and experienced candidate to work at their Head Office in Billingham, Teesside.

1.1 The requirement is for an Asbestos & Waste Manager to be initially based at our Able Seaton Port.
1.2 Responsible for the removal and disposal of all wastes accordingly.
1.3 Ensure that all relevant paperwork is completed and up to date in line with current legislation.

2. ABLE ORGANISATION (simplified)
• Chief Operating Officer
• Project / Operations Director
• Project Manager
• Asbestos & Waste Manager

3.1 Compliance with Company and Project Safety, Health, Quality and Environmental Regulations.
3.2 Working at all times to ensure that the ABLE HSSEQ objectives and operational requirements e.g. Zero Harm, observation of the ABLE 8 etc are maintained at all times.
3.3 Providing legislation updates, specific to waste, asbestos, hazardous materials and make staff aware of any changes.
3.4 Ensuring that all relevant waste transfer/consignment notes are available and written out, stored and filed correctly.
3.5 Maintaining and reviewing waste tracker for Project.
3.6 Ensuring all wastes are removed to fully licensed facility for the type of categorised waste.
3.7 Carrying out audits for licensed disposal facilities.
3.8 Keeping waste to a minimum, reuse whenever possible.
3.9 Carrying out and ensuring that RAMS are undertaken, documented and recorded prior to any task or work activity commencing and that a safe system of work is in operation.
3.10 Ensuring that all persons in their charge are made fully aware of the risk assessments and safe system of work and tool box talks associated with the task/work to be undertaken prior to commencing.
3.11 Ensuring that persons in their charge are adequately trained and are fully aware of any known hazards and risks.
3.12 Ensuring that copies of all operative training certification and occupational health certificates (medical surveillance) and a register detailing type of training course undertaken, date of training and date of refresher training as a minimum is available on site and in date.
3.13 Ensuring that the HSSEQ Manager is made aware of any requirements for training or occupational health surveillance prior to operatives commencing on site or the expiry of a previous certificate, a notification period of one month is required.
3.14 Ensuring that face-fit testing and supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) and respiratory protective equipment (RPE) are available and a record of issue is maintained.
3.15 Ensuring that good housekeeping standards are maintained at all times.
3.16 Ensuring that assessments are carried out on any hazardous substances to be removed, that the necessary precautions are taken and the relevant COSHH safety data is maintained and communicated to all operatives under your control.
3.17 Ensuring that all safety features are in place for asbestos related work such as decontamination units, three stage airlocks, working enclosures etc.
3.18 Ensuring that ABLE’s ‘Stop the Job’ policy is strictly adhered to.
3.19 Organising the site so that work is carried out to the appropriate standard required by the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 with minimum risk to employees, equipment and materials.
3.20 Ensuring HSE are notified via an ASB5 form of future asbestos work in a timely manner and in accordance with regulations.
3.21 Ensuring that daily site inspections are undertaken and documented.
3.22 Ensuring that operatives under their control are made aware of relevant health and safety issues.
3.23 Ensuring (where applicable) that permits to work are raised to control hazardous activities including hot works and confined space working, gas detection and certain hazardous substances.
3.24 Diary to be updated daily.

4.1 Relevant hazardous waste management qualifications/experience.
4.2 Management of Asbestos P405.
4.3 Knowledge of asbestos management regulations.
4.4 Knowledge of Hazardous Waste Regulations including HAZMAT survey experience.
4.5 Experience of dealing with LSA, hydrocarbon, antifreeze, CFCs and other such wastes.
4.6 Strong organisational skills and a concern for excellence.
4.7 Competent in the use of the MS Office suite of programmes, with the appropriate technical skills and generally computer literate.
4.8 Good levels of common sense, loyalty and discipline.
4.9 The ability to work within a team, multi-task and meet deadlines.

If you meet the above criteria please download and fill out the ABLE application form here (PDF / Word)

Then send your CV and application form to recruitment@ableuk.com

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