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    With over 50 years of experience, ABLE has applied vast experience in the essential skills across the complete spectrum of demolition, dismantling, reclamation and regeneration projects involving:

    • Bridges over rail, roads & water
    • Chemical, petrochem, onshore oil & gas
    • Civil and urban works
    • Contaminated land
    • Gas works
    • Harbour quays
    • LPG plants
    • Marine structures
    • Offshore oil & gas platforms
    • Oil & gas installations
    • Oil refineries
    • Power stations
    • Ships
    • Tank farms

    The Company’s vertical integration strategy means our various service divisions can offer comprehensive demolition packages to our clients.

    Track Record

    ABLE’s unparalleled track record of undertaking complex demolition and decommissioning projects speaks for itself:

    Demolished / Dismantled Projects
    Bridges 43
    Buildings 400+
    Power Stations 11
    Offshore Structures received and re-cycled 80+
    Refineries 9
    Structures using explosives 80+
    Tank Farms 12
    Tonnes Equipment 80,000+

    Why not take a look at the Marine Decommissioning services we can offer CLICK HERE