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    Land Developments

    The large land portfolio extends to over 2,830.4 hectares (6,994 acres) essentially across the North of England. Some of the sites are of national significance, undertaking key functions on behalf of the UK economy.

    Able Energy Park (AEP)

    Located on Humber Ports, AEP is a development that will provide 1,700,000m² of warehousing, external storage and transport depots to allow port centric logistics operations at one of the UK’s busiest port complexes. Tenants of AEP will benefit from close proximity to c.1,288m of deep-water quays.

    Our own strategic direction is a direct result of our major client’s own shifts in strategy and objectives. Due to a solid, well-resourced operating base continued investment has been seen at a number of sites across the ABLE Group even through the economic downturn.

    This on-going investment strategy has enabled the facilities to continue to develop and service our traditional markets as well as prepare for emerging business sectors like Offshore Wind.

    Able Humber Port (AHP)

    The Able Humber Port (AHP) development will create Europe’s largest Super-Port (c.538ha) on the Humber Estuary (South Bank) and has close proximity to the c.649ha Able Energy Park (AEP).

    AHP will be a bespoke facility to serve the needs of the burgeoning offshore renewable energy sector(s). The Development Consent Order received from the UK Government enables the construction of c.1,288m of new deep-water quays and provides an extensive hinterland of 336.5 hectares (831 acres) to support the manufacture and installation of offshore wind turbines.

    In his budget speech (3rd March 2021) the Chancellor confirmed that a first phase of AHP development (the quays and 217ha [536 acres]) would receive a £75m OWMIS grant award. The Chancellor also confirmed the success of the Humber Freeport bid which will see AHP comprise a significant new element of a Freeport Tax Site which will provide occupiers with a wide range of benefits and incentives.

    ABLE Seaton Port (ASP)

    A multi-user port (51 hectares – 126 acres) near the mouth of the River Tees. ASP has seen considerable investment over the last decade including providing 635m of new heavy-duty quays (up to 65t/m2 and a c.16.4m water depth at mean low water spring tides [MLWS]).

    It is the Group’s main operational centre, and its location is well suited to serving the needs of the oil, gas and offshore wind sectors as well as more conventional logistics requirements. The significant investment in the now provides a range of heavy-duty load bearing deep water quays and an extensive portfolio of specialist lifting and product handling equipment providing a one-stop shop for the majority of contracts.

    ABLE Thorpe Marsh (ATM)

    The 47-hectare (116 acre) Able Thorpe Marsh site had previously secured the necessary planning permissions for a 1,575MW CCGT gas fuelled power station representing circa £1bn investment to play a vital role in the UK’s energy production market.