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    Able Humber Port - River Information

    The Humber Estuary is the largest coastal plain estuary on the east coast of Britain. The estuary is comprised of two shipping channels: The Sunk Channel and the Grimsby Roads Channel.

    Characteristics Information
    Air Draft Restrictions None
    Sunk Channel Width 180m -9.50mCD
    Grimsby Roads Channel Width 660m -6.00mCD
    Mean High Water Springs (MHWS) 7.30mCD
    Mean Low Water Springs (MLWS) 0.90mCD
    Mean High Water Neap (MHWN) 5.80mCD
    Mean Low Water Neap (MLWN) 2.60mCD
    Highest Astronomical Tide (HAT) 7.99mCD
    Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT) 0.16mCD
    Max. Depth of Water (MHWS) at Quayside 24.80m
    Quayside Height 10.00mCD

    Points of Contact:

    Please visit www.humber.com to view the ABP Humber Estuary Services web site which includes shipping tariffs for using the river.

    Harbour Master

    For general enquiries including the issuing of Notices to Mariners contact: hesharbourmaster@abports.co.uk

    Pilotage Department

    All pilotage enquiries including vacancies and enquiries relating to pilot exemption Certificates contact: hespilotage@abports.co.uk

    Vessel Traffic Services (VTS)

    For operational enquiries including serious marine incidents, use of traffic separation scheme, reporting to VTS, defective navigation lights and marks out of position, bunkering, VHF frequencies and anchorages contact: hesvts@abports.co.uk

    Hydrographic Department

    For chart enquiries, surveying the estuary, tidal enquiries, buoyage contact: heshydrography@abports.co.uk

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