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    Why AHP?

    We have been engaged with the Marine Renewables Sector for many years and we have listened….. You said:

    The market outlook is good but post 2020 political commitment is unknown.

    AHP offers extensive land availability for investors to optimise their plant layout and to expand in phases as and when required according to their market share and conditions.

    UK ports are too controlling and we don’t want to outlay large amounts of capital on equipment such as cranes and SPMT’s.

    AHP will operate as a multi-user port meaning customers have full flexibility when it comes to project management and procuring the services of external contractors. It also means capital equipment can be shared avoiding the need to purchase expensive machinery such as cranes and SPMT’s.

    Our supply chain is constantly evolving and whilst UK supply chain matures we will need to import equipment and parts from overseas – it’s hard to plan financially at UK ports.

    We understand that conventional ports use a complex pricing mechanism making financial planning difficult. So….quite simply the charge for using the AHP quays can be included in the rent.

    For regular users there are no charges for vessel docking or for tonnage over the quay – this enables a wholly transparent pricing policy and allows tenants to maximise the use of the quay without incurring additional costs.

    It also incentives activity behind the quays as quite simply, the more our clients use their quays – the better value for money they obtain.

    When the vessels are ready to deliver we can’t keep them waiting – it’s too expensive to keep them waiting

    AHP offers sections of quay on a ‘first use’ basis meaning clients who have a frequent demand for quays always have the assurance that they will be available. At times where clients do not require the quays the port operator will sub-let the quays to other users.